Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Trend Alert: Pastels & Flourescents

I've been noticing this really rad use of a very unlikely color palette combo:


Sounds weird?  Well,  my favorite blogger Coco+Kelley used this photo to illustrate:

She's always inspiring & I love how she creates Polyvore-ish outfit boards to prove her point that fashion trends are almost always parallel to interiors'.  See her PASTEL-FLURO combos below:

And with these images I just can't help but remember one sunny day last week, when I & my pals bummed out on the beach-- and swam & paddle-boarded & played football & just made the most of an ordinary day!

Shawl was a gift from my cousin Kelly last year, worth Php 150 from Bangkok.  
Watta bargain right?

game gets intense! 
(look how impossible that small makeshift "bench goal" was, haha)

Lovin NdP's aqua specs :-)

my friends Kim the MVP & Lor the Deadly Defender (haha) rockin' their bright bikinis!

and of course, James the ultimate father-of-all beach bums...

That was quite a nice day! (and the memory is my goodvibes-fix for today)

But before I get carried away, let me go back to interiors & fashion. 
I leave you with the following images for inspiration...

photos above from Nanette Lepore Spring 2012, 2012 Interior Design Trends

More vacation photos to come.  (Sorry it's taking so long to go thru everything & pick the most memorable.  The photos from the 7-day absence have reached maybe 500+!!! So it will be best to insert my faves here & there whenever & wherever inspiration strikes.

Like this one. :-)

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