Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oakley Longboarding Surf Challenge

Last September 7-8, 2012,  I  & a couple of friends all trudged over to La Union for the Oakley Longboarding Surf Challenge-- where we got invited to compete in the Mixed Manila & Men's & Women's Pro categories.  It was fun as the waves were so TINY (almost flat) that I wouldn't have gotten anything had I not used my log, a beautiful 9'6" Donald Takayama Surf Tech wood series.

all photos by Charlie Gomez unless otherwise specified

It was a SUPER FUN weekend (sorry, words escape my drained brain right now) but it really WAS! :-) I finished first in my heats and made it all the way to the semi-finals.  It was so tiring but still unforgettable (i told you that part of my brain which is supposed to help me articulate is not working right now).

I won't write so long in this post, I'll just leave you with beautiful pictures of my friends & their sunburnt faces, dogs, surfboards, coffeepots, beers, and uhm...children.  Ha ha.

All that whole bunch of happy folks they call surfers.  Looking back at all these photos, I really think life is AWESOME.

Mia's morning jolter. Suaveng-suaveng drip coffee. 

Junior Master Chef's Chef JP Anglo & Nikki dela Paz

The 1st of many shots where we're talking.  Nikki, what were we talking about? why are we ALWAYS talking?!? :-)

The master coaster himself checking the neighborhood out. 
Buji Libarnes, Coast Thru Life. 

 Kapuluan Vista's Mike Oida who drove down w/ family to join the comp!

and so the water beckons.
JP Anglo

(1 of my surf idols) Alma Oida

pretty preggy Marie

me during quarter finals
photo by Jeff Ganuelas

gotta make the most out of these babies! 

Mia & GusGus

the beauties & graces


(photo by Jeff Ganuelas) 
check out Nikki's blog post about the comp here

and the champion, DAISY!
photo by Jeff Ganuelas

Congratulations to the winners!
preppin for the Mens' Pro Finals


talking again

meanwhile as I was munching on Alma's children 
(haha see how nikki can't take Triton's cuteness)

everybody was just being their happy & beautiful selves

and the weather cooperated, thank God

Ava & Bertha.  Check out Ava's cool blog post about the comp





hmmm. talking again!

Jeff & Buj

edsel & kage soaking in some sun

 and the sun set once again on the shores of La Union.  

And the party began riiiight after that.  Oh boy, that's another post-worthy story. 
But I can't remember half of it.

A big pat on the back for LUSC! Good job, guys.  You sure know how to throw a comp!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Surf & Music Festival 2012

I can't wait for this!

The band lineup is just...stupendous. 
And the 3-days surf with my closest friends in a paradise called Kapuluan Vista Resort...
I know it will be awesome! 

I will blog next about my last stay at Kapuluan Vista so you'll all have a better idea why it's a special place.  Meanwhile, I'll be counting the days 'til this Surf & Music Festival!