Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Melon Stripes

I'm not a fan of the color peach.  So let's officially call this a story about the color Melon. :-) More specifically, about Melon Stripes.

fabric used: Sheer Cabana Melon

It all started while we were driving somewhere between Batangas & Mindoro last week, I came upon this oil refinery plant (or something like that) and couldn't help but notice the happy colors painted around it.

sorry for blurry pics (we were speeding by & road was curving, couldn't stop) 
this might be a better picture:

And I realized, I like it because the colors slapped on the tanks are the colors of 
SUMMER 2012!!!

I don't know what the purpose of those stripes are, whether to measure or gauge oil or whatever...but it's soooooo summer-y, so NOW! I subscribe to J.Crew catalogues & newsletter even if they don't ship to the Philippines just because I love looking at their clothes.  This is their "SALE" notice last week, March 21:

So fresh! And like a dam, my mind started flowing with images 
that had patterns & colors similar to that oil refinery tank:

teal, cream, white

stripes, chevron, and checkerboard patterns...

*I'm sorry I can't remember where I got this image of the balloon & girl.  But it was in my I Love list and I wish I jotted down the website for it.

I & my surf buds Nikki & Kim were obsessing over these nails a few months ago...

 aqua, lemon & melon

pastels for Summer 2012
bag & shoe from, Feb 2012

from J.Crew, of course

mood board from Kiki's List

Angel Locsin in Manila's Preview magazine March-April 
in cool summer colors already

Mix & match stripes at home if you dare.  
The oil refinery tanks did it, and so could you! Ha Ha.

I don't think my eyes could look at so many colors the whole day.  
It would be the end of me.  

For now, I'll stick to 2-color stripes.

The only melon-colored piece of clothing I own, 
with birthday cake in hand, June 2011.  

So I bid you all a good night!  
Another random color/ fashion/ design story brought to you by Chandelier-by-the-Sea.  
And it all started with this image...

 *** END ***

Monday, March 26, 2012

From India to Puerto Galera

I'm trying to write my thoughts a bit randomly from now on because the more I try to organize it so well, the more it gets posted so late.

Allow me to indulge in some random thoughts for Indian beads.

My cousin Miguel just came from India 2 weeks ago & brought me back these colorful, wonderful beads!

along with a hand carved wooden-block horse stamp, 
sandalwood scented money envelopes, keychains, 
& milk candies with edible silver leaf (*gasp*, really they're yummy!) 

With all those vibrant colors, this room I saw from FTRB immediately sprang up to mind.

 The beads also remind me of the colors of the ocean (& my toenails, haha) 
at a particular time of 4pm on an overcast afternoon,

blue starfish

...and you know that these colors / creatures are down there! (unfortunately, I found this crab all dried up on a rock & I brought it back with me to the resort.  Even at death, it's still pretty.  All that honey & amber against that white pebble wash! oh boy).

Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni)'s seaside house in Spain

Finally, I got to wear the Indian beads on the 2nd day of our company trip to Mindoro (blogging about that this week).  

I thought that with its strong colors, it would be hard to pair with anything but surprisingly it went with everything I wore: my fave gold bangles, friendship bracelets...& even my striped black, white, & fuchsia pink Billabong bikini.  

It even went with the boat's rusty anchors, vibrant blue ropes, & pebbles I got from the beach!  (I know, I know, I'm getting carried away...hahaha! Honestly I'm just finding a way to justify my excessive use of Instagram lately.  I can't stop grouping my photos using Dyptic Frames, I'm officially addicted.  I think my habit of associating fashion w/ objects, colors & interiors has found an outlet & a medium to express itself.  Brace yourselves).    

More to come! 

*All photos by me except blue starfish, FTRB photo, & home of Consuelo Castiglioni.  

Campana Brothers (Part 2)

There! Finally I meet Umberto & Fernando Campana, 2 furniture, space & product designers I admire very much.  Here we are shown with Ito Kish, a very good friend of mine who invited me to this event--- a Designers' Networking Cocktails at the Diamond Hotel, Manila.  Shown above are 2 of my faves from their creations from the bamboo collection they designed for Alessi, if I'm not mistaken.

I posted about them 2 weeks ago & I am admittedly just a new fan of these two (maybe barely a year following their works), but with each piece of theirs that I "discover" I am invited to see things in a different way.  And it's these inspiring, dedicated designers, both local & international, that keep my creativity stoked.

I particularly like this video which shows why they are exemplary & unique:

Manila has been a bustling, vibrant city for designers & (design-lovers) lately.  I can't wait to post my pics from World Bex & Manila Fame.  I have a long line of posts to upload,  please be patient with me! I'll try to share them ASAP since I want to get to the part about Buri Resort already. :-)


God is a Surfer

God is a Surfer!
(Or it's a meteorological phenomena known a Kelvin-Helmholtz wave) 

on March 26, 2012

Thanks to Magic Seaweed (via Coast Thru Life) for sharing this!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Buri Resort & Spa

We are OFF to our company outing tomorrow and will be gone til Saturday.  I am so excited to reward my hardworking design staff with 3 days of rest & recreation.

Check out the idyllic & picture-perfect scenes from Buri Resort & Spa:

Of course, company outings with your office staff is waaaaaaaay different from surf trips w/ your buddies so I will have to modify my outfits a bit. No rashies, boys' shirts, and worn out beach cover ups for me! This is a special time w/ the team so I gotta be a bit...dressy. 

For the 3-hour planning session 

for the pool sessions

for the road & boat trip

Aaaand with all that precious time away from the office, what else would I be doing? 
Why, working of course.  It will be the perfect time to work on that website & portfolio.  
Have a lovely week, everyone!

*images from Sashay on Vacay, Coco+Kelley, Buri Resort & Spa websites. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Campana Brothers (Part 1)

OMG I can't believe I am going to this event!!! 

Brushing up on their furniture pieces now, oooh la la. 
Multidao Chair
Alligator Banquete Chair

zigzag stool

Brazilia Table for Edra, Italy

Scrigna Cabinet for Edra, Italy

sushi stool

transplastic chair 

Thank you Ito Kish for letting me tag along with you to this awesome event tonight! 
It will be blogged, I promise.