Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Light from Lanterns

You  know when you come across a reeeeaaally nice photo showing a fantastic place and you imagine yourself right there in the middle of that place--- feeling, smelling, seeing, & touching...as if you were really there? Like this particular photo:

(grabbed from slimpaley)

I stared at this image for so long I could actually feel cottony things falling down on my shoulders from the trees & could almost smell the fresh, dewy grass all around (complete w/ feel of Thonet Vienna bentwood chair sinnking into the soft soil. hahahaha OVERRRRR?!?)

Anyway, there are just moments where I feel grateful that when I suddenly desire something I (almost at the same instant) remember a part, a day, a night, or a moment somewhere in my life where I actually DID get to experience it, that I already had it and cherished it full on.  I flashed forward (or should I say, backward?) immediately to Samar holidays last April 2011: 

Although the chairs weren't Thonet, and the trees weren't cherry blossom-y, it was as close to coziness perfection & the best part is that is was real & vivid in my memory.  I actually spent 4 days here in this resort (Calicoan Surf Camp) & drank coffee (well, wine sometimes) & read a book & stared out into the windy sea! It wasn't a fantasy :-)

& on our last night there, I had a memorable & special li'l dinner w/ my friends. Under the lanterns & under the stars.   Facing the Pacific Ocean. 

w/ a raging bonfire on the side! (now I remember THAT wasn't too enjoyable, haha. T'was too windy & the sparks from the flames flew everywhere & into our faces!)

But in the morning, all was well again.:

Waiting for coffee

next "lantern destination" to dream about: Kenya.  With memories of Samar in my pocket. :-)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Beach House 5: The Dixon House

This is called the Dixon House, by design group Stapleton Elliot, located in New Zealand.  It is described as a weekend house but I see it as another ideal beach house-- because of the simplicity & functionality of its design & the durability of its materials. 

Steel, glass, stone, wood. Respect for the land's natural terrain & embracing natural air & daylight. A big deck & plenty of interconnecting shared open spaces, w/ "clustering" applied to the structures, giving you that "alone" time you need when you want it.  

A secure & covered area to store your surfboards & bicycles. Plus d tiled floor lets your friends drip sand & water all over the place and you won't have to be anal about it. You can just sweep everything off the floor & onto the lawn. hehe.

You can't go wrong. 

If this spot was a bit elevated, overlooking a surf break, it would be perfect. 
Or if its more of sea level, and it gets hit by some natural disaster (flood, typhoon, tsunami, etc) I think it would still survive because all the elements  would just cross through & pass by. 

In that case, if applied to Philippine weather & cost conditions, we might have to rethink the glass...and replace it with screen or jalousie. 

If only we could all have the luxury of space so we could all have that open deck & green lawn... 

I could do away w/ the carpet & the fireplace of course...

and I could downgrade the kitchen a bit put more casual barstools & loose seating (but I am SOOO liking that picture gallery down the hall) Adds a touch of chic to an otherwise rural setting. 

Maybe if this was to be built in Pagudpud, I would retain that fireplace.

Open space planning w/ just enough partitioning allows you to have several groups doing their own thing w/o being cut off from the others (in other words, u won't have to be left out of the fun / chismis/ food trip even if you're on the other side of the wall!) 

Yeeehaw! But i would use screens instead of all glass (remember this is New Zealand)

and I would still prefer an outdoor shower but any bathroom w/ white subway tile as shown here is A-OK w/ me. :-)

Til the next beach house...enjoy the weekend!