Monday, November 24, 2014

Beach House No. 13: Holiday House

What is it with small homes hidden amidst lush foliage that just appeals to me so much?  As far back as I could remember, even as a child I would stare at photos of cottages and cabanas in my mom's Better Homes & Gardens magazines for hours.  Maybe it hints of cozy corners, of a beach nearby, or being surrounded by adventure.  If you have a small lot, say 150-200 square meters, this is a really good way to use your space.  Designed by Bloem & Lemstra Architects.

It gets better as I study the floor plan longer.  There is a guest room with 2 mattresses, and if you want to accommodate more, I imagine you could use double-deck beds.  The bedrooms are small because it was designed for just the holidays, thus I am assuming the residents will be spending most of the days outside rather than inside.  Thanks to the sliding glass and metal doors, the inside is the outside is the inside. 


Excellent Dutch design.  The perfect weekend home. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Puerto Galera

I believe that we all need precious time to reconnect with our planet and let Mother Nature heal our bodies and souls.

Last March, in Puerto Galera during the Malasimbo Festival, I did just that.  The Philippines is just so beautiful...if you know where to go.  

I am thankful and feeling very blessed to have moments like this come my way.

Painted Headboard

No space is too small for some smart stylin'! 

If your room can't fit anything else but a mattress, and there's absolutely no space for a headboard, then try painting it on the wall.  Defines the space, adds a point of interest for the room, and is just plain charming and cute.  

This idea was brought to you by Katie Ermillio for Rue Magazine.