Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stunners in Rompers

In the 1970's there was 1 piece of clothing that was SEXY, COMFORTABLE, & FUN all at the same time and that was the 1-piece jumpsuit.  Inspired by air force pilots' uniforms,  it evolved into a popular glam version made of silk or satin, elongating & highlighting the curves of a woman's body.

Think Charlie's Angels, Brigitte Bardot, even Liza Lorena & Cecilia Rodriguez!  hehehe.  It was so popular and is considered an iconic symbol of 1970's fashion.

Farrah Fawcett in a luxe green satin jumpsuit from the 70's

Brigitte Bardot roughing it in style

the latest remake of the Charlie's Angels series
(jumpsuit is still part of the cast) :-)

I particularly like this one by Chic Yamada, 
their Boho Collection was inspired by Marianne Faithfull & Janis Joplin. 

and this one...

Elegant silhouettes. Why, this is by Halston, of course. *love*

It's better-known today as the romper and it's still as sexy & comfy as ever!

In neutral shades & minimal or NO accessories. I think 90's minimalism is coming back.
(Elle MacPherson, Katie Holmes, and I don't know who's in the middle. :p)

It's hard to pull off a jumpsuit in a solid and VERY bright color like this one, 
but if you DO (like this gal), it's unbearably chic.  
Pair w/ blonde hair, turquoise-strap shoes, and a smile.

Casual & still gorgeous. Best w/ a flowing mane of hair...
like Rosie Huntington's below:

What a hair! Watta body, watta cheekbones, watta jumpsuit. 

But I'm sorry Rosie, our very own Cherie Gil just made you eat dust w/ her Rajo Laurel jumpsuit. Step aside if you don't want red wine (or champagne, or water, or whatever) to be spilled all over your suit & your face! eeeps! Cherie, the crown is yours. In Tagalog, IKAW NA. *bow*

These denim numbers are fab as well. 
I've been looking for 1 just like Chloe Kardashian's...know where I can find one please?

Heidi Klum picking up her daughter from school. Effortless chic!

I can't seem to hate her. I'm sorry! She's my guilty pleasure,
all 3 of them damn Kardashian sisters.
I looooove her romper & her shoes  & her bag!

All jumpsuits look great w/ wedges...

...or metallic sandals (i probably own more than 6 pairs w/ I've all hopelessly worn them out)

finish off w/ minimal (just 1, if possible) accessories.

Because of it's all-the-way, 1-piece structure, some folks find it troublesome to take on & off. As my friend Tin Mags said, "Babe, it's hard to pee!" hahaha! So, it's probably not for everyone. 

But as a tribute to all my surf friends who undeniably ROCK THE ROMPER in their own signature way, I've put together this happy collage. 

(and yes, that's a baby romper you're seeing...I just couldn't help but put Cadence in!)


  1. thanks noelle & buj! rompers spell F-U-N and i tried to put all things fun in the collage-- ice cream & rainbows & surfboards & toys & crayons & popsicles!!! :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. I'll send you a photo of me in a romper!