Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cute Hoots

Guess what I've been seein' around these days...
CLUE: it is a symbol of wisdom, big-eyed, hoots & is always up at night!  (no, it's not your neighbor's gramma). Taka a wide-eyed look: 

drawn in an art class by a little boy named Tristan 
classic Audobon
Yup, OWL FEVER!!! Y'all know I'm not such a big fan of anything feathery (a.k.a. birds of all breeds) but I gotta say, I almost didn't notice this design trend has been around had I not read American interior designer Heather Clawson saying these creatures were all over U.S. furniture trade fairs.  Read on w/ her photos from the trips: 

John Robshaw pillows
beautiful wooden trays by Simrin

vintage letter & card clips by Vagabond Trading
I especially liked this baby mobile by's so Tim Burton right? :-)
soft & plush pillows by a certain Donna Wilson from London
And so, taking off from that, I would say these are my personal favorites which I'd definitely use in a spot or two in my interiors, if only it were available in the Philippines:

Home decor from Jonathan Adler (a bowl, a pillow, a candle lamp, & what looks like a Christmas tree ornament)

Handknitted owl by Mayan artist Julio Mendez & designed by Archt. Sindy Posso, these Twoolies are "unique handmade wool animals w/ artistic personality that come to your living space to stimulate your thoughts & emotions...combining modern & trendy concepts w/ ancestral native designs".  

(Sorry, it's so darn cute I can't help but post these other twoolie animals totally not connected to the topic, hahaha! I'm sure you'll forgive me for straying...look!) 

AAAAAAAARGH!!! That octopus is so stylin'!
And best part is, no two twoolies are alike. 

Plus!!! Let me share this Twoolie-looking armchair I found on the net accidentally: 

I want ONE!!!!! Like now! And add a cup of milk tea & a stack of Elle Decor magazines to read please!
These Twoolie toys are so adorable I think it merits a separate CBS blog entry 1 of these days. hmmm. 

So anyway, thanks for obliging me that li'l moment of weakness :-) On to the other Owls popping up in interiors: 

Lamp from Pottery Barn

Shower caddy from Urban Outfitters

3d Origami art (i won't even attempt to do this...I know my EQ level)
by Linda Solovic (scrapbook paper & canvas)

fabric from Woodland Friends

And here are the owls from the fashion world....

Kate Spade owl bag
cute handcrafted handbag

Kit + Lili cherry owl onesie
(it's ok....admit that you want to absolutely eat this one up!)

Little cherub Cadence Cosio looks delighted to wear her li'l owl dress...look at that smile! 
Thanks Kiddo & Amy for sharing! She's my cutest model so far :-)

Bath & Body Works anti-bac holder
cute shoe, unknown label
(if you know by who, help me out & leave a comment!)

a bejewelled owl pendant

Can you see my friend NdP's owl earring? She wears it so well doncha think? 

And some pieces from my own humble closet:

can you see the owl earrings & ring? 

a close-up of the FABULOUUUUUUS owl earrings given to me by my friend Tin Magsaysay from almost 2 years ago! (watta fashion foresight, Tin Mags!!!) :-) 

and my current fave ring I got from some bazaar some months ago

Whew! That was a lotta CUTE HOOTS!!! So I'll end this entry with a special owl -- one that you'll find in many Filipino homes thanks to every Arts & Crafts teacher in every Filipino school....

Hoot! Hoot!
(means, "the end"!) 


  1. i love owls!!! i have a shopper bag pa na owl! :)

  2. Cadey has an owl dress! One of my friends got it for her. Super cute.

  3. Kiddo pls send me naman photo of cadey wearing it! may i include it in this entry please??? :-)

  4. Sure! She's never worn it yet, but I'll take a photo later and send it to you! Haha.

  5. Nins! I sent the photo of Cadence in owl outfit to your FB inbox. :D