Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Beach Apartment: A Happy Place

When I have to think of a happy place, these are the 1st 3 random things that come to mind....(1) Dako Island in Siargao with my kumpares on a sunny day (2) Topshop or Forever 21 on Midnight Madness Sale, and (3) the apartment in La Union I share with fellow surfer friends. 

A simple row house made of brick, pebble & stone.  In front of our favorite surf break, where we can eat, sleep, laugh & boogie away from Manila :-) 

photo by Allen Aligam
sunblock, sunny day

photo by Allen Aligam

a place where I catch up w/ my girlfriends

where we store our trusty surfboards
photo by Allen Aligam

and nurse our cuts & bruises...
photo by Florence Hazel Batuyong hangout w/ our li'l pals who sometimes come along for the trip :-)

(my friends' kids enjoying the puddles)

(and they can go as little as 2ft like Cadence here...) 
Photo by Allen Aligam

It is also a place to laugh while rinsing off after surfing...!
photo by Charlie Gomez

the typical look on a surfer's face after a good session

...a place to have birthday dinners...

and birthday lunches

..usually ending in food comas (i miss those days! who's the next celebrant pls!?!)

(Did you know you could bump into long-lost or newly discovered cousins here?)

 Not to mention the weird guests we get from all over the place....haha

Don't ask me how or why. That's just how it is. :-p

And the best part being, it cuts through a path like this...
photo by Charlie Gomez

photo by Dave Macias

leading right into this...
photo by Allen Aligam

photo by Dave Macias

and this. 
Buji Libarnes sunset-loggin'
(photo by Dibs Trofeo)

The beach apartment--- I share this space w/ my closest friends.  We practically don't have anything inside except our blankets & boards.  It can be nicer, yes, but in the meantime it will do. For me, it serves its purpose w/c is to give us shelter before & after we have  "danced with the ocean".  

Like what the master Architect Frank Lloyd Wright said in his book, The Natural House, 

“give me the luxuries of life and I will gladly do without the necessities.” 

If you ask me HOW I can improve THAT's another story. In fact, it's the next one. Stay tuned. :-) 


  1. Ahhh! Nins, what a great tribute to the LU apartment. When I'm in Manila, there are times when I get homesick for this place. See you there soon! :)

  2. Love this entry, Nina! I miss the apartment already! Can't wait for your next entry :D

  3. Nins, you made us all miss LU! :)

  4. Amy, Kiddo...the joys of having a beach apartment no matter how empty (haha, i think i only speak for our apartment since yours have furniture!) are endless! we are a lucky bunch indeed. we have a house by the sea! i've been gathering beach apartment ideas thru the months...i'll pick the best ones & post on the next one. :-)

  5. flo, we'll all be back soon! surf season is ON. and for the record, Im so thrilled we have orthopedic doctors in the house. HOW convenient is that. :-) see ya! :-)

  6. the lu apartment and the lu apartment crew is love! :)