Thursday, July 14, 2011


A chance for me to share with you (starting with 6 images) the pleasures of living in my world: quite ordinary & random but like I've always believed, happiness & peace of mind is a choice we make, and likewise you only attract as much misery as you give out.  Chandelier-by-the-Sea will be a collection of good stuff I'd like to go back to-- inspiration, smiles, positivity, yes all that-- for the times when melancholy comes my way:

pacific ocean view by my cousin CSG

an interior in my I Love List

The things & events I encounter in my life as an interior designer (w/ a weekend life as a surfer) are quite amusing but moving & memorable sometimes, and this is my experiment to record these moments as they come. 

"Beauvoir" (an interior in my I Love list)

We can always either be grateful for what we have been blessed with or sulk & fear what tomorrow may bring. I intend for this to be a personal collection & reference of inspiration and anyone interested is welcome to take a look.  I don't know what this endeavor will turn into, we'll find out along the way... 
Sophia Coppola w/ her LV: a fan of both of them

flowers from my mom's garden

my apartment in the city (& yes the flowers are from outside my door)

rom the Kate Spade Adeline bike ad w/c got me obsessed for quite some time w/ polka dots & orange nail polish

And so I shall be ending my 1st entry by quoting my dearest friends and saying, "good karma, good life". Stay blessed, everyone! 

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