Monday, April 16, 2012

LACY DAYS: The Filipino Terno is New Again

Summer is officially ON and the heat is getting more unbearable everyday.  Can't wait to be back in the ocean.  Meanwhile, wahines everywhere-- both in the city & by the sea-- are showing up in delicate threads to beat the heat & stay cool. 

Noelle Hilario in a vintage "terno".  And when i say vintage I mean, like, VINTAGE! She got it straight from her mom's BAUL! (For those who don't know, "baul" is Tagalog for what Americans like to call the "Heirloom Chest" or "Hope Chest"). 

The "TERNO" is has been called a masterpiece, a classic, a national treasure. From the Spanish word meaning "to match." It was the handiwork of not just one couturier but a coming together of the innovations of many. The Filipino terno usually matches a top & a skirt, joined at the waist, with bodice & skirt made of the same material. 

Classic Filipino ternos by Pitoy Moreno

Different versions of the terno through the years.  

Looking at these photos, it looks like our female ancestors had it all figured out already-- the loose but flattering shape of the outfit lets breeze pass through while maintaining a conservative look.  Layering of sheer but durable fabrics result in lightweight but still practical/ functional clothes.  I would think that maybe only the innermost layers are washed regularly, and not the outermost covers w/c are usually made of jusi or pina? Thus saving the fabrics from wear & tear.   

The whole look is feminine & a delight to the eyes even if it's just the lady's wrist, neck, & shoulders that are seen.  It's so elegant especially when joined at the waist for formal wear.  

I can't believe Noelle made it look all new again! 

Having some yoga done at the Beach Apartment.  Well done, Noey, well done!
Check out her awesome blog, wanderlustdrifted.

And speaking of beach here's another wahine, my friend Kage Gozun.  

Kage pretty much rocked her lacy beach cover-up by donning a flouro bikini & headband!
Check out her photos at

Here, another surfer friend, Nicola, shows us that lace tops are not just for the beach but also for dinners in the city.  Her top is so delicate & light, it's perfect for those hot & humid nights in the Philippines! (I told you our female ancestors had it all figured out ages ago)

Speaking of dinners, here's one I went to w/ my cousin Charlie last January. 
 I bought this lace dress for Php 150 in La Union bazaar across the church at San Fernando.  

This was taken by my friend Annie & I love the way my dress mirrored the laser-cut stars from the park. Here in the Philippines, January is still considered part of Christmastime & holiday decors aren't really taken down til it's almost February! 

It's just wonderful how lace can be used at the beach, in the city, and even at formal occasions.  Best time to invest in a versatile lace top like my pretty bed jacket from Brown Belly!  I used it at my mom's 60th birthday dinner...

...and at my friend Ely Villas' wedding.  Shown here about to throw petals at the newlyweds, w/ UP friends James Razo & Armin Azores (and his mini-me Aidan):

photos taken by Aidan's mommy Nonie Azores

you can catch a glimpse of my pretty lace sleeve here...
(Nonie, baket si Armin mukhang nagtatalumpati dito...?)

Everything's just coming up lacy!!!  
How to wear white lace without looking like some lost bride?  
Take it from these mademoiselles.

Cameron Diaz

Who else, Scarlet Johanssen being her usual gorgeous self. 

nice skirt hemline.

from Cupcakes & Cashmere

top from Lulu

lace tops from Marc by Marc Jacobs

...and my favorite so far, this dress on Taylor Swift
Ain't it sweet? Pretty neat!

I leave you w/ this impossibly sweet photo
lace cookies I featured in my Lust List back in January. 

Enjoy your lacy days of summer!

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