Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Light from Lanterns

You  know when you come across a reeeeaaally nice photo showing a fantastic place and you imagine yourself right there in the middle of that place--- feeling, smelling, seeing, & touching...as if you were really there? Like this particular photo:

(grabbed from slimpaley)

I stared at this image for so long I could actually feel cottony things falling down on my shoulders from the trees & could almost smell the fresh, dewy grass all around (complete w/ feel of Thonet Vienna bentwood chair sinnking into the soft soil. hahahaha OVERRRRR?!?)

Anyway, there are just moments where I feel grateful that when I suddenly desire something I (almost at the same instant) remember a part, a day, a night, or a moment somewhere in my life where I actually DID get to experience it, that I already had it and cherished it full on.  I flashed forward (or should I say, backward?) immediately to Samar holidays last April 2011: 

Although the chairs weren't Thonet, and the trees weren't cherry blossom-y, it was as close to coziness perfection & the best part is that is was real & vivid in my memory.  I actually spent 4 days here in this resort (Calicoan Surf Camp) & drank coffee (well, wine sometimes) & read a book & stared out into the windy sea! It wasn't a fantasy :-)

& on our last night there, I had a memorable & special li'l dinner w/ my friends. Under the lanterns & under the stars.   Facing the Pacific Ocean. 

w/ a raging bonfire on the side! (now I remember THAT wasn't too enjoyable, haha. T'was too windy & the sparks from the flames flew everywhere & into our faces!)

But in the morning, all was well again.:

Waiting for coffee

next "lantern destination" to dream about: Kenya.  With memories of Samar in my pocket. :-)

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