Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day: foxes, eggnog & Lady Gaga

December 25, 2011. Christmas Day is here!!! :-) 

Nothing spectacular happened to my day but I can definitely say, it was just the way I wanted this year's Christmas to be.  Just "coastin'" rushing between commitments & appointments...

I'll just tell the events of this day as they came and went...for it is a day filled w/ ordinary things & people.  But like what Norman Vincent Peale said, 

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful".  

I woke up this morning to the smell of ham & eggs, and brewed coffee. Don't frown on me when I tell you, "boy did i slather on the butter!" It IS Christmas day anyway, we should loosen up on the diet & all the calorie-counting right? 

I didn't really plan on writing about this day so I didn't think of taking a photo of my breakfast.
This is a borrowed photo from Slim Paley. 

I really wanted to just stay at home in my pajamas, catch up on reading, listen to Ray Coniff or the Rat Pack's Christmas albums and be somewhat in a situation like this:
gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow...always & forever

I was also hoping to catch up on my blog posts, and other photos I've been wanting to share online.  Beach houses & rompers & jumpsuits &...oh gosh I don't know where to start! 

Buuuuuut of course, family & Christianly duties called so we geared up for noontime mass & family lunch.  I was feeling very chill so I put on this outfit:

My brand new Brown Belly bed jacket over my Forever 21 striped tank. This IS  going to be a very casual Christmas day! :-)

The rest of the day pretty much went like this: 
blueberry pancakes for lunch

We also passed briefly by the Marikina memorial grounds to lay flowers on the markers of our beloved.  My lolo, dad, and his sister whose birthday was also today, Dec 25.  The thought that flowers will be left there on their graves throughout the night and on til the morning has always been a comforting one to me.  

this holiday photo from House of Turqoise was my mood peg for the Christmas season.  Am so loving that over-the-top (literally, haha) garland of ornaments!

Our house doesn't have (& doesn't need) a fireplace but it sure has a nice brick wall that lends an unbeatable warmth to the place. And our Christmas tree is full of ornaments w/ memories attached to them! 

can you spot our latest addition, Kaia the Origami sufer girl?
My architect cousin Mikey painstakingly cut-&-fold this li'l one for me! What an awesome Christmas gift. :-) She's somewhat Japanese & rides a surfboard. Looks familiar...*wink*

...and this is my Christmas gift (& 60th bday gift, combined) to my Mom. It's quite a pricey one so it had to be two-in-one! A beautiful painting by Karina Baluyut, inspired by her trip to Japan.  Since my mother loves flowers, trees, birds, & can't go wrong w/ this one!

In the early afternoon, my friend Nikki passed by to give some homemade eggnog from her family to ours. I can't tell you how much all that cinnamon & cream added some more Christmas to the day. 
and yes, I gave her an Origami surfer girl too. :-) Thank you for the eggnog, Nikki!

More bliss: I settled in the sofa while watching "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" for the 4th or 5th time already...

my favorite characters in the movie: Ash & Kristofferson
The goofiest-looking bandit hats ever (i secretly want one!!!)
Wes Anderson + Christmas Day (on a Sunday) + eggnog + coffee + cool weather + no work tomorrow = CHEAP THRILLS I certainly live for! 

and then the Lady Gaga Monster Ball concert came up on HBO so i sat thru that too. She is truly an awesome artist & her creativity, talent, & boldness to express amazes me! My mom kept saying that she is like Madonna but w/ less energy. Of course I begged to differ! Madonna is Madonna is Madonna.  End of topic. 

 More visitors passed by thru the night, neighbors & Ninangs & Ninongs & godchildren & kids & doggies...and overall the Christmas weekend was quite a busy & heartwarming one.

Mikey's cool shoes. I dunno if this is wool or tweed or denim or what. It looks good against the carpet though. 

cousin Binky w/ Lucas the sweet cuddly black lab! 

cheese popcorn midnight snack -- less than a hundred bucks & hits it right on the spot

showing 87-yr-old Lola Felisa how to check out photos in Facebook--- priceless!

A simple Christmas weekend, but I got almost all the rest & zoning off that I wanted.  

For now, I can't ask for a merrier Christmas.



  1. haha eggnog is love! :) thanks for my own japanese origami surfer girl!

  2. i hope I can make you 1 origami thing every Christmas. :-) wishing you a safe trip around Asia Niks! :-) *love*