Thursday, November 10, 2011

Odd Ball

The odd-est chandelier by the sea, if there ever was one! :-) 

But this odd ball for some reason (would have looked better in a bigger size maybe?), ties in w/ everything in the space. Maybe it's the imperfection that it lends to the room that makes everything look so...perfect. I can't imagine this looking as interesting if it was a crystal chandelier hanging in its place. 

The most chic pink settee against white french windows PLUS a humongous marble rock (as in ROCK... I had to look twice) centerpiece circled by the most elegant Neo-Classic dining chairs--- WOW.  All my favorite colors are here: ballet pink, dove gray, jade green, baby camel, frescoe white. The buttery cream leather & tiiiiiny brass studs on those chairs are just BEAUTIFUL! 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. 

They are so scrumptiously classy, they remind me of the vanilla macaroons at La Duree.  Rooms like these are the stuff my dreams are made of! (yes it still includes a head-high & glassy surf break in front, as always) :-)

*Jason Chai Architecture

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