Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beach House 10: Nantucket Style

Been a while since my last Beach House post.  Well,  for a change, I'll post something different from my usual modern, form-follows-function, glass + concrete + wooden deck ocean homes.

Here's the usual white-washed clapboard walls, bleached wood furniture, aqua & lemon yellow accents, and driftwood pieces all thrown together for a super duper COZY-LICIOUS HOME!!!  

Admit it,  you can't NOT desire to snuggle and huddle under the covers right there.  

How creative is that fridge handle?!? A driftwood piece!

(I love those metal "shell" handles.  Reminds me of old government office desks...it's the same exact style I chose for my own closet at home.  I got them on sale at Ito Kish's store, in antique brass finish. See below.)

This is my bikini drawer at home. 
 Sorry, this is the only photo I could find of my drawer handles. 

This room is screaming for a slumber party 

Which came first, the ladder or the cabinet? 
It's too much of a damn perfect fit!

Nice hinges.  

*Architecture by Luke Thornewill
Photos from Country Living Magazine.

Now let's throw in some ensembles that I think 
will look good with this home...

*all 6 photos above are from Habitually Chic

And my current favorite summer photo: 

the lovely & inspiring Garance Dore 
as shot by The Sartorialist

I may not be half as talented as Garance, but I DO have a white bicycle too, given to me by my Uncle Rene as a birthday gift.  I dare say, Garance & I have something in common. HA! 

 I bet she can't eat ice cream & ride a bike at the same time.  :-)
*photos by Charlie Gomez

Have a nice mid-week day! 


  1. cute entry Nina!

    That's my peg for our house. Hamptons meets Vigan house. Haha. Trying hard!


    1. thanks Daph! Hamptons meets Vigan---- that's actually possible! diba the girls' room is already a bit like that? white clapboard na parang cleaner version ng shabby chic? :-) its so Candice Olson (1 of my fave interior designers). Check out www.candiceolson.com

  2. i love the house!! so cozy-licious indeed! :)