Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tin & Eric's Wedding by the Sea

The wedding was by the beach, and so was the banquet.  
The girls were pretty & the boys looked spiffy! 

It was hot & humid & we were melting in our dresses.
But as soon as the sun started setting & everything slowly turned pink & orange,  
a soft light was cast on everyone's skin and it was like 


The couple was happy & in love.  And that was all that mattered.

Enjoy the photos by Charlie Gomez.  

surf & sun goddess Tin Magsaysay-Matic
One of the most beautiful brides I've seen in my life!

A Spanish painter once told me, you can always spot the surfer in a crowd.  There is a certain glow to her and you can see "water in her eyes".  I'm sure he was just trying to charm me or make conversation.  Maybe he was trying to impress me w/ his artist's words. 

 Looking at these photos though, he might actually be speaking the truth. 

the singles game

the boys didn't look bad at all

seaside pre-wedding cocktails (& touchups?)

Tita Cora & Tito Cesar...the super cute parents of the bride.

the sunset was not wasted at all.  romance was IN the air!

how to spot a surfer in a party

And I end this post with the infectious smile of the bride's daughter, 
the vivacious & lovely Miguela

Read my friend NdP's post about our 4-days in Boracay, "Sunshine, White Sand, & A Beautiful Wedding. " and share our love for the ocean, football, food, friends, sailing, & celebrations (a wedding & a birthday at that!).  Good times, good vibes, good karma, good life.  :-)


  1. waaah! tito ces and tita cors!! cutest everrrr!

  2. Wow!! Such a fabulous wedding. Glad to go through all these pictures here. Have been planning to arrange my wedding at one of Los Angeles wedding venues soon and everything will be arranged by my sister as she is a wedding vendor.