Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Siargao Instagram Story

This is a visual story of my stay in Siargao from May 18-23.  
I went alone praying for good surf, good weather, good food, good friends to hang out with

I prayed for a perfect day and I got it everyday.  

Life is so good and I'm so thankful for my little piece of heaven on earth. 

Not many words needed, for the photos are enough to share with you the joys of island life. 

I also attended the lovely wedding of a surf couple I've known for years. 
It was a perfect day to get married.  

(not an Instagram)

On the afternoons we were waiting for the high tide to come, 
we would play on the tight rope by the ocean. 

The beautiful kids of Siargao (some of which are my godchildren)...all so grown up and adorable!


I surfed everyday, twice a day.  Out of the water, friends old & new kept me company.  There was plenty of time in between to do whatever else I wanted to do, and yet 5 days was not enough.  Soon the day came when I had to go back to Manila  

Up to the last hour of the day, every moment in Siargao was lovely. 



  1. It's all your fault, Nikki. I blame my Instagram addiction on you. hahaha.

  2. Lovely instagram photos! Especially love the one with the seashells & coffee :) ~Nikka

    1. thank you Two2Travel / Nikka! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-) Siargao is a really beautiful place.