Monday, May 28, 2012

21 Images

Whew, that was a long absence.  I haven't posted anything since May 2, 2012! That's because I got swamped with design work & a 6-day trip to my most favorite place in the whole world, Siargao.  It's an island down south in Mindanao, Philippines.  I surfed, attended a wedding, ate yummy fresh food, surfed, caught up w/ friends (both from Siargao & Manila), checked on my godchildren (oh how fast they grow!), surfed, slept, talked to God & nature, and basically had a psycho-awesome time by myself.  

My head is still swirling like I was still at sea so forgive me, I don't really know how to pick up where I left off at C-By-the-Sea. 

Once I got back to my desk at work, all I could do was to look at images that would inspire me once again to pick up that colored pencil & go back to the drawing board.  Gray, gray Manila was so horrible after 1 week in paradise, I needed to SNAP out of my "Siargao coma" QUICK!

Here are 21 images from the past week that made me put on my design shoes again.  

Sigh.  Don't ask me how or why, that's just how it is (although I will try to make sense somehow):

Behati Prinsloo in Victoria' Secret
Because all this neon brought my head back to the city.

because I didn't wear shoes for a week. 

Because I knew all these bands would look good w/ my tan.
J. Crew arm candy

Because I wanted to wear shorts to work like this...
hanging on to that island feeling, slightly. 
From Coco+Kelley

well, because they are all CUTE & I want that striped skateboard. 
from J.Crew

calm & assurance I found in the art of Helena Frankenthaler

because I missed my ballet flats & other shoes.
because I missed SHOES. period. 

because I had to think of proportion & scale once again. 
From Ikea Tablescapes

yes, bling = Manila

(I can't remember where I got this, but I could stare at this for an hour 
if I needed to calm down & be far away)

Breakfast food.  'Nuff said.  

Food for the eyes. 
from Coco+Kelley

jaw-dropping, awesome, fantabulous, mermaid/ serpentine/ seahorse
goddess of the mountain top & everywhere else dress by Christian Dior

because I want to save up for Paris
work + income + conspiring universe = PARIS

Because it just keeps coming back to haunt & taunt me!

just a nice color, that's all. 

and just nice toes & feet, too, that's all. 

Because I needed to wear my pearls & heels again. 
To be a lady, always. 

Because it's perfect when it's dusky & sparkly like this.  
(somewhere in Tanzania)

 Because I needed walls & windows & furniture once again.
From Nuevo Estilo
(btw, I am sooo loving that cheerleading outfit on the wall. Talk about surprise element)

because I'm convinced that they are my future children & this is their future playroom .

Next post will hopefully be the Siargao trip.  I just want to snap out of my vacation hangover!  In the meantime, thanks for dropping by my li'l journal of images.

Have a nice week, everyone :-)

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