Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Design Food for the Week

Excited (& a bit nervous, honestly) to be part of Heima Design Discussions this Saturday.  I attended their very first Design Discussions and it was a great experience -- the speakers were so cool & talked enthusiastically to the audience about their fields of expertise.  I didn't expect it to be so interesting from the first minute to the last but...IT WAS.  In fact, I sorely missed my design friends during the discussion (James, Ivy, Nikki, Buji, Tara, Mick, etc) and wished they were there for added brain-nitpickin'!  

And as usual, Heima put up a picture-perfect ambiance.  Even their registration table was book-cover worthy.  I honestly regret missing the 2nd one (well...there was a good forecast that time and we headed off to surf). 

On Saturday, in line with the launch of Heima's "Oh hi, Summertime!" furniture collection, Coast Thru Life will be part of the roster of speakers & we are excited to share our surf love with a new audience.  Can't wait to get to know the other speakers too.  

Thank you Heima for inviting us & see you all on Saturday! 

And here's another one that I sadly cannot attend. :-( Would have loved to go to The Manila Hotel & learn about Filipinism- What Makes Art Filipino? But it unfortunately coincides with an evening appointment.  New client, so I can't say no.  I hope some of you get to catch this:

"Somewhat Different', on the other hand is an exhibit sponsored by the Goethe Institute featuring 67 different artists (47 based in Germany) showing "new perspectives in materials, function & construction".   It runs til May 30 so I plan to go as soon as possible with my design staff in tow.  I heard it was awesome so I can't wait for that, too. 

I was invited by London-bred product designer Daniel Latorre-Cruz  who is the creator of the Icarus Lamp.  He is part of the group of designers EPOCH featured at the recent Manila Fame held at the SMX Center.  They've been creating quite a stir & awareness in the local & international design circles.  

I was shooting away at the lobby of Manila Fame (SMX) but was approached by the guard saying that taking photos was not allowed.  

Har har har.  

Well, guess what Manila Fame organizers? I was lucky enough to have their other exhibit right outside my office at LRI Design Plaza last March where I met some of them personally.  Like, literally right outside my office door.  I passed it everyday for a month.  

To all the Epoch designers, forgive us for photo-bombing your exhibit. I and my cousin Charlie just can't help it! Let's just say this is how we appreciate your art.  We are truly fans. 

Charlie  channelling Don Vito Corleone

The way these rattan party chairs of my childhood was "exploded" and twisted like that fascinated me.  But then, Charlie's shiny cheeks fascinated me more!

And this is the beautifully handmade Icarus Lamp, photo taken from Latorre-Cruz' website.  I think the photo above was shot in a Victorian prison where its gothic-romantic look fits right in.  Read about it here.

Daniel with his designs

Needless to say, I fell in love with the lamp because after talking to Daniel I learned each piece was carefully handcrafted by him.  He explained how the parts went where and how the wire held each wing & how to assemble it. and I decided I had to get one for myself.  The construction, design, and assembly was SO SIMPLE and we all know (& I truly believe this) that it is hardest for any designer to achieve the ultimate simplicity (blogged about that here).  I had to get one.  And so I did.  

I told him how I've always coveted the Birdie's Nest Chandelier by Ingo Maurer but now I got something better for I met & talked to the designer himself.  I am now the proud owner of an Icarus Lamp!

Daniel is also an avid surfer & we talked a bit about the weekend forecast and where it would be good to surf in the Holy Week, etc.  I think that sealed the deal. Hahaha! 

setting up at Cebu Next

I also met Stanley Ruiz & Wataru Sakuma, also designing for the Epoch Collaborations. 
Please check out their websites for more of their work.  It is truly TALENT OVERLOAD.  

Epoch also designed the Manila Fame registration area made of...cardboard. 
I can't believe cardboard could look so modern & chic.    

This was Wataru's spell-binding & awesome installation art at LRI.  Sorry for the quality of the photo, I just took it from my iPhone. You HAD to be there walking w/ the lights and sounds effects.  I love how simple forms & shapes can be done in a clean but provocative way.  

Wish I could post more photos & info, especially about the other artists.  But I got to go! I have to be in a meeting in an hour! I will try to post a part 2 to this entry or maybe write about Manila Fame/ World Bex separately.

For now, see you later!

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