Monday, August 27, 2012


 For this week, I am trying to feed off the energy given by these colors & images. 

Loving these images from fashion photographer Greg Kessler & Illustrator Somsack Sikhounmuong, who collaborated to document the "hidden electricity of behind-the-scenes imagery" in fashion shows.   

 Everything is clashing and yet it works.  Must be the hues used.
Bold hues (neon, black) work best when used in a bold manner.  

Now THAT is a really good color scheme right now also in interiors.  Very warm...using a lot of mid tones & rich hues (wine red, ochre yellow, caramel) without sacrificing subtle color (see salmon wash-out for background). Very "Fall 2012". 

I'm also attracted to these other images: spaces, flavors, street fashion, and so on...
Liking those bright greens & blues for kitchen.  

eager for ice cream

From Habitually Chic.

From Habitually Chic. 

A creative space. 

A creative mind. 
(my friend James, an interior designer, 
while we were window-shopping in Hongkong)

A smile.  

 More creative minds & smiles & electrifying colors.  

An inspiration.
(My grandma, Lola Charito, in electric blue-violet top. Ain't she gorgeous?!?)

Illustrations by Shanghai-based designers Nini Sum & Mojo Wang

aspirations take flight...

 and NOTHING says happiness, joy, pride, ambition, energy & hopefulness than the Olympics, which ended 2 weeks ago.  I saw bits of the Olympics Closing Ceremonies- Annie Lennox, the Spice Girls, George Michael...boy, I felt the energy! That was my generation, you see.  Haha.

Congratulations & good luck to all the dreamers out there, athlete or not.  

May the positivity and exuberance of these images excite you today as much as it did me.  

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