Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flower Child

Summer is in the air.  

Having been surrounded by so many flowers for the past weeks (see here), I can't help but envision scenes of girls with flowers entangled in their hair, sunlight beating on their faces, wearing light, cottony dresses and walking barefoot in the garden! 

How's that for some dash of color? Love the tangled, beachy waves on the pink hair, and the girl on the right shows that you can still wear a GINORMOUS bloom on your head while looking perfectly polished at it.  Oh, sometimes I wish I was a flamenco dancer so I could always have an excuse to wear flowers in my hair!

I don't know who she is but I love how she wore metallic leaves around her head.  
Totally owned it. 

Simpler strands. 

I'm no flower child but I can wear seaweed pretty well around my face! :-p Haha.  

This photo by Charlie Gomez taken in Ilocos Norte, March 2012, during an unforgettable summer vacation with my cousins and nephews.  I would say,  in spite of a stupid burn accident on my right cheek, it was my BEST summer vacation ever.  I'll write about it soon.  

Welcome, Summer 2013!

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