Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love is in the Air

Due to a recent stay at the hospital where my room was flooded with flowers from family & friends, I have been seeing (as well as smelling, cutting, arranging, & admiring) all sorts of petals & blooms for weeks now.  Aside from books, magazines, DVD's and facial moisturizer (uh-huh!), I was sent all my favorite blooms by thoughtful well-wishers: alstromerias, stargazers, tulips, azucenas, orchids, and my birth flower, roses.  

You can just imagine how lovely (and fragrant) my room was with all of these in sight: 

it was impossible to NOT feel better post-surgery looking at them all...

...some of them made it all the way to our home afterwards. 

alstromeria overload

this one right here was particularly awesome
it was like a stargazer on steroids

Whenever the nurses entered my room, they would breathe deeply and take in the scent of the flowers like they can't get enough.  I told them to take some to the nurses' desk but they were too shy to do so.   God has a way of sending you love and in my case during those 8 days of confinement, I believe it was through the love & care of my family, time & laughter from my best friends (you all know who you are)...and these flowers that my eyes would always rest on in times of discomfort or pain.  

-Max Muller

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