Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kapuluan Vista Resort

When I think of Kapuluan Vista Resort, these images come to mind: the awesome views all around... 
from their website

the view up front (photo by Charlie Gomez)

the view from the deck (photo by Charlie Gomez)

the little details that stay in your mind forever...

lovingly arranged centerpieces from their own garden

my friend J's nautilus find (photo by D. Trofeo)

local fishermen's finds (photo by C. Litton)

the lamp above the KVR Family Villa

well, come to think of it, seeing the moon like this from the deck isn't such a "little detail" so I take it back. haha.
Seriously, moon-rises like this are breathtaking at KVR.
(photo by Charlie Gomez)

and of course, this. Ohhhhh yes, THIS: 

surfing w/ friends is 1 of life's biggest happiness!
all surf photos taken July 17-18, 2011 
(by Kapuluan Vista Resort)

At the times when there's no surf, one can do swimming, snorkeling or paddleboarding:

Or feast on the many scrumptious & healthy meals they offer: 

classic Vigan Longganisa (no KVR or Ilocos trip is complete w/o it!)

mouth-watering KVR Bagnet as made popular by the Ilocanos

Basil Scrambled Eggs (a personal fave, for its light & clean taste)

my hands-down favorite: the chicken burrito! Oh my goodness. 

so, if you're heading up north in the Philippines & looking for a wonderful experience, stay at Kapuluan Vista.  Check for booking details. And don't forget to say hello to the resort's very own Tina Turner-welcoming-committee:

Her name is Drew :-)

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