Thursday, August 04, 2011

Beach House 2

A part of me likes modern, industrial-type beach houses w/ just simple polished cement floors & straight wooden louvres, but there's also a part that likes cozy, white-ish walls w/ li'l nooks & reading corners perfect for winding down after a great surf day, comfy rugs & lots of pillows. Like this one from Spanish interior designer Maria Esteve, located at Cadaques on Costa Brava:

And then, there's the bedroom w/ the fluffy duvet & cool colors:

The clean-cut kitchen/ dining & the home office (yes, you could have one by the beach you know). Plus I love that there's a letter "N" on top of the table. *wink*wink*...

And the bathroom with with plenty of natural daylight & a shower area that's big enough to rinse off your surfboard! Perfect!

Best of all, all those whites & beiges are set off with the best color of all, the ocean & the sky's azure BLUES:

Aaaaaaand that's Beach House # 2. More to come as I keep my eyes open for seaside treasures :-) 

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