Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Melon Stripes

I'm not a fan of the color peach.  So let's officially call this a story about the color Melon. :-) More specifically, about Melon Stripes.

fabric used: Sheer Cabana Melon

It all started while we were driving somewhere between Batangas & Mindoro last week, I came upon this oil refinery plant (or something like that) and couldn't help but notice the happy colors painted around it.

sorry for blurry pics (we were speeding by & road was curving, couldn't stop) 
this might be a better picture:

And I realized, I like it because the colors slapped on the tanks are the colors of 
SUMMER 2012!!!

I don't know what the purpose of those stripes are, whether to measure or gauge oil or whatever...but it's soooooo summer-y, so NOW! I subscribe to J.Crew catalogues & newsletter even if they don't ship to the Philippines just because I love looking at their clothes.  This is their "SALE" notice last week, March 21:

So fresh! And like a dam, my mind started flowing with images 
that had patterns & colors similar to that oil refinery tank:

teal, cream, white

stripes, chevron, and checkerboard patterns...

*I'm sorry I can't remember where I got this image of the balloon & girl.  But it was in my I Love list and I wish I jotted down the website for it.

I & my surf buds Nikki & Kim were obsessing over these nails a few months ago...

 aqua, lemon & melon

pastels for Summer 2012
bag & shoe from, Feb 2012

from J.Crew, of course

mood board from Kiki's List

Angel Locsin in Manila's Preview magazine March-April 
in cool summer colors already

Mix & match stripes at home if you dare.  
The oil refinery tanks did it, and so could you! Ha Ha.

I don't think my eyes could look at so many colors the whole day.  
It would be the end of me.  

For now, I'll stick to 2-color stripes.

The only melon-colored piece of clothing I own, 
with birthday cake in hand, June 2011.  

So I bid you all a good night!  
Another random color/ fashion/ design story brought to you by Chandelier-by-the-Sea.  
And it all started with this image...

 *** END ***

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