Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blue & Green: From Beach to City

A bit obsessed about blue & green color combinations nowadays.  Is it a mix that was bound to be popular because in the middle of our everyday stress, it happens to be the color of our sea, sky & everything serene in between?

Infinity pool in a Thailand villa.  

a resort somewhere in Bali

A blue & green longboard I used in Siargao July 2012.
photo by Charlie Gomez  

and now to unload the images from my mind:
interiors, fashion, & the little details everywhere. 

patterns & shades to inspire

my fave style icon Anna dello Russo
(alongside Kelly Wearstler, Jenna Lyons, & Gwyneth Paltrow!)

from VT Interiors

paint swatches at the Grupo Santamaria office

Speaking of Jenna Lyons, I quote:
(screenshot from J.Crew)

Hear, hear!

That zigzag pattern above was used for a chair in one of my projects. 
Along with a padded wall, I put it in a dressing room for a young mom & wife in the Philippine South. 
Quite a gracious lady, this one (both the chair & the client).  
Chair by Heima

A wreath I saw at Shangri-la Mall in Pasig. 
Elegant holiday decor in metallic blues & greens. 

more random images on my mind:
blue & green at very chic beach houses 

 this is what they call a 1.5 seater armchair-- somewhere in between a 1 and a 2-seater.  
A verrry comfy size to lounge in!

the stud detail on that white ottoman...I love it.  

who wouldn't love a turquoise beaded droplight? 
This could very well be an ideal chandelier-by-the-sea *wink* :-)

Blue & Green at the city apartment...

Mabley Handler Interior Design

and I imagine someone like HER lives here. 
I love the hunter green jacket!
via Habitually Chic

My desk at the office a few months ago.
I was experimenting with a blue, green & mustard color scheme for a restaurant. 

Speaking of the color mustard, this was taken at One Workshop Gallery at LRI Design Plaza 3 days ago.  Mustard walls went well with the beach photos taken by my friend Spencer Ty.  I was checking it that day if it the prints were dry already (By the way, try printing your iPhone photos on canvas & have it on stretch frames). Soooo cool! 

via Habitually Chic & Stockholm Street Style

my blue & green Brown Belly bed jacket

Of course there are other colors that make me happy.  It's not just green & blue (although they are my all time favorites!).

For now, these are recurring color schemes in my interiors...inspired by nature, the cosmopolitan Manila life, other designers' work, and what the awesome universe keeps bringing me everyday.  Like this place. 

photo by Charlie Gomez, Siargao 2012. 

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