Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunday Surf & Sausages

 The weekend came and we found ourselves having an impromptu grillin' party at the beach apartment, in between happy surf sessions at the Point.

Sausages & peppers were chopped & skewered, ice was bought and mojitos were made! Blankets (and babies) were brought out to bask in the shade & the sun.

Music was played, friends caught up with each other's lives, and talk of the morning surf filled the air.  Our tummies & spirits were happy.

Instagram from Jam Choa

view from the (dirty) window of our apartment

waiting for the BBQ to be ready

Cadeycakes Cosio w/ tita Jam
Dylan being his usual ball of cuteness
waiting for the Golden Hour

Enjoying the morning session.  photo by Jeremy Ramilo

Mia & Marie, morning coffee :-)
Summer is pure happiness

It was the opening of the Circle Hostel too.
Find out about this beautiful commune at their FB page.
Click HERE
What a wonderful place to hang out in! photo from The Circle Hostel 
Buji from Coast thru Life looking for a place to paint.
photo from The Circle Hostel
Paulino doing his thang for the opening of The Circle Hostel 

cool place.  Congrats Ziggie!
photo from The Circle Hostel

my fave photo of the weekend. tie-dye Jam.
(who hangs a hoop on a tree anyway? so cute!)

The next morning, I was back at work.  With a big smile on my face!

When things got too toxic at work, I would remember the weekend at this place. 

Oh, how I live for the simple, random, spur-of-the-moment happy things that just come my way.  

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  1. The breeze of air from the sea can bring the group in full-enjoyment. I hope to visit this place