Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Whites

More whites on my mind.  This all started weeks ago when I was asked to design a bridal lounge & I went all out French neo-classic with a twist of Hollywood retro (friends, think Barbara Barry gone Scandinavian), thus igniting in me a thirst for all things white & metallic...and a (well, temporary) distaste for all things bright & colorful.  

I dug DEEP into my files to share with you more of my fave white images.  The first one is the most persistent one. This was my peg for the bridal lounge I am currently designing for a friend.  

That mirror designed with Hermes saddle is just too elegant.
Adnet Collection by Jacques Adnet

volumes of Vogue in a Hollywood home, from Habitually Chic.   
My future kitchen would definitely be white.  

heavenly whites, brass tray cart as side table

all 4 photos above from Rue Magazine

Hotel Acuzar in Mexico,  as shared by
From the Right Bank

White has also been on my friend NdP's mind a couple of months back.  Check out Color Obsession: White  It's such a classic look, a classic color (or non-color, if you want to be technical), and my eye is always looking & welcoming it nowadays.  Awesome when paired with gold...

like gold trim on white porcelain 

like golden skin. A VERY young Kate Moss 

or when paired with natural wood
(the flower girls' dresses at her wedding last year)

or, like when paired with bamboo

Art Deco dresses by Jasper

gold speckles deliciously & perfectly spattered on dirty white...
another hypnotic work of art by Nena Saguil

*Notice how Nena Saguil's paintings pop up in almost every other entry in this blog? I don't think I'll ever tire of going back to her work for inspiration.  And this is exactly what C-by-the-Sea is for me, a journal of inspiration to go back to anytime. :-)  (and you are very much welcome to share it with me)

 I've always dreamed of a white office-- like the late, great Yves Saint Laurent's.

and the most famous "white" office ever--
Anna Wintour's.

I guess I'm not the only one who likes fresh roses in the office.

and more roses...from my friend Mikko's wedding back in 2009.

Which white do you like best? 
I think it's just irresistible the way nature made it...whether hot or cold, sand or snow.  
See below. 

"The game of kings is the king of games"---or something like that.  Polo in the snow, from Nowness

 a photo I took at Palawan Island, Philippines, 2006.
Yes, it is the BEST & WHITEST sand I've ever set foot on.
Or ever laid my eyes on.
(no photoshop here, friends)

All that incredible, blinding white.  What a sight.  Goodnight!


  1. i love love love white on bronze skin! :)

  2. all these white makes me want to get married! in bridal lace ha! :-P

  3. mac pakasal na tayo! hahahahaaaaa!!!! pareho tayo naka-bridal lace don't worry