Friday, April 20, 2012

Lust List March 2012: Lamp, Console, Stool

This month's Lust List features a Pushpin Stool, a drool-worthy console perfect for that beach house, and an uber cool lamp that wouldn't take up even 2 inches of your floor space.

The Nepa Lamp is made from birch plywood with stainless steel and aluminium detailing, it uses 12v to illuminate the high-powered LEDs. Standing about 6ft high, the lamp is wall mounted and uses friction hinges along with a pivot in the base to enable a full range movement. 

"The Practical Console" from the Contemporist. 
Handsome & sexy, right? :-) 

And my favorite this week, the pushpin stool. 

The Pushpin can be a stool on one end, and a side table on another end.  It's on my list not so much because it's such a smashing, breakthrough idea but because the designer's cute & I have a crush on him. hahaha! His name is Kenyon Yeh, London-educated but based in Taiwan. 

Like I said, this blog is about random things that inspire me.  So I'm just saying. 

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