Sunday, April 01, 2012

Beach House 8: Sustainable Home in Costa Rica

Casa Mecano functions as an organism that adapts to its environment. The project maximizes the use of passive design strategies through bio-climatic architecture in order to achieve the thermal comfort levels, adequate for the tropical environment.” -- From Arquitectos Costa Rica, Architects.  

"The rooftop was projected as a sail and a manual system was designed, allowing the client to change its inclination, with the goal of controlling the direct sunlight projected inside the house."

"The interior design of this sustainable residence is highly modern, with a generous living and dining space acting as the core of the project. All the rooms have excellent views towards the infinity pool and the scenic vistas beyond."

(I guess this is to collect rain water & to re-use around the house)

solar panels generate the electricity for the house

Overall, I like the simple, efficient, no nonsense design of this beach house.  Reminds me of my fave Case Study Houses popular in the 1960's. It looks a bit hot though, maybe because it is newly built & the trees planted around it haven't grown yet. 

If built in the Philippines though, I would use less solid glass & more louvered windows.  But I love the slanting / manually adjustable roofing & big, wide porch.  Best with surfboards, dogs, bikes & friends.

from Almond Surf Shop

La Union 2011

The ONLY reason for beachhouse-daydreamin':
 enjoying long, chill rides at the Point, La Union, Feb 12, 2012


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