Thursday, April 05, 2012

Table Transformed into Stools

I really like this product.  It functions as a modern side table or a sculptural stool.  

"There is no reason to fill up our homes with useless furniture and items that will soon fill up out storage spaces. Instead, we should keep an eye out for versatile furniture that uplifts our spirit with a carefully designed and studied body. Part of this type of furniture, the Within seating and side-table looks like two white boxes, but once you interact with it, it seems to blossom into an interesting prism-like design hidden by the adjoining of its two sides. "

This is from Stockholm-based Studio Vision, and this is 1 piece I would definitely love to have in my apartment.  Its not just versatile but very chic too.  I especially like that the grain of the wood was arranged in such a way that adds length & depth to the piece.  

Sculptural, functional furniture.  Gotta love it.  

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