Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday C-by-the-Sea!

My blog is officially 1-year-old today! 

My first entry dates back to July 14, 2011 titled "Hello!" and I remember being awkward about starting a blog. I was a total techno-phobe and I didn't even own a smart phone or an external hard drive.  But I was reading and getting a lot of inspiration from several design blogs at that time and felt the urge to share images & stories myself: from random work stuff to dream beach houses and surf trips with my friends.  Happy, joyous things.

All of which comprise my (what I would like to unabashedly call blessed) life in the Philippines.

I couldn't think of a good enough name for a "blog" or a "visual journal" and I thought about it real hard, like maybe for 10 minutes (haha).  You could find out how I came up with "Chandelier-by-the-Sea" name HERE.

For the past 365 days,  Chandelier-by-the-Sea has been a wonderful venue for sharing the joys of being an interior designer inspired by the evolving and exciting design scene, the ocean & surf life, and most especially other creative people.

Thank you to all who have read, appreciated, and followed the blog.

(a little C-by-the-Sea trivia:  I write this now while I am in Siargao Island, my favorite place on earth.  The first photo I ever posted on the blog, shot by my cousin Charlie Gomez, is the same exact spot I am looking at in this picture.  See reflection on my aviators.)

Just those random moments of serendipity.


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