Monday, October 08, 2012

Of Mouldings & Cornices

I am absolutely drooling over this bedroom.  

The graceful arched entryway, the creamy cornices, the sunlight going through the windows, and the pillow-filled patio just two steps away from the bed!

I want WANT WANT this room!

(all photos from El Mueble)

Reminds me of a project of ours back in 2008: a 3-bedroom condo in Makati owned by a nice, elegant lady who wanted traditional moldings and cornices in her home.  I wanted to avoid a heavy, antiquated look so I tried to stick to whites, creams, and very faint pastels for the woodworks.  

(forgive me for the poor quality of the pictures, this was back in 2008 and I didn't have a good camera  yet! Well, come to think of it up to now I don't have a good camera) 



I put a nice cream & gold brocade wallpaper on one side of this wall where the dresser was placed.  The client loved it.  

Most of the time I like modern, clean-cut designs.  But sometimes I also love to use moldings and cornices for clients who want a more traditional look.  It's all in the restraint, the use of it in its proper place and location.  It adds character to a space depending on the theme and the look you are aiming for.  Most of all it should suit the client's personality & taste as well.  

I have to come back and take proper photos of this residence, and be reunited with my wainscoting. :-)

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