Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dinners With Girls

It's funny how even if we see each other regularly at the beach, we still miss each other's company on ordinary days in the city. I'm talking about my wahines, my surfer girls, that group of beautiful swans who fit this description:

grabbed from Noelle's FB wall.  check out her beautiful blog, "Wanderlust Drifted", here

Well, to add to that, surfer girls LOVE to eat! Last night, we had another dinner at neighborhood Japanese restaurant.  Another night of (very LOUD) laughter and teasing and screaming! Of course, our good friend (& awesome surf photographer) Kage Gozun just came from the Samar surf competition and everyone wanted to hear the exciting stories from the event.  Check out her photos here.  Here are photos from last night:

And because I was feeling a bit sentimental, I took a little trip down memory lane and tried to hunt down photos of past dinners like these. 

These are from 2009:  

we look like teenagers!
and Carla looks like, a toddler. haha

These are from 2010-11:

We met one of our favorite long boarders, Belinda Baggs one night. It was a thrilling occasion for us and a memorable evening!  

it's fun to have the surfer-dads mingle & compare surf and umm, daddy notes. 

These 2 ladies have popped out 2 adorable baby boys already, by the way!
and they're both my godsons. Imma proud ninang!


gigil mode 

mica, nica, and nikki

well, sometimes, it USUALLY starts out as all-girls.
IG screen grab from Jam

IG screen grab from Kage Gozun

IG screen grab from Kage Gozun

I love my girls! 
I can't wait for the next random, laugh-out-loud, 
roll-out-the-private jokes, eat-your-heart-out dinner. 
CHEERS, ladies!


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