Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bright Here, Bright Now

Bright Here, Bright Now, 

I would like to have a dress like this for summer. 
(from J.Crew)

Or...maybe a boyfriend like this for summer? 

To be here (again) for the summer.  
Kiting in Siargao, 2007

 To change the upholstery in our home for the summer...or better yet,

To be one step further in building my future beach house.

 To dress like Kate Bosworth
From RUE Magazine

To have time to bake impossibly lovely stuff like these.

To try on all of the nail polish colors above. 
Thank you for these yummy hues, Kim! Couldn't get any more summer-y than this.

To look this fresh at work.

To wear this melon-striped dress I found at the department store, at a bargain, as often as possible.
 Handwoven banig from Manila Fame 2011

To have this wonderful pomelo salad everyday, 
at Via Mare UP Diliman. 

To do some of the D-I-Y projects at home I've been putting off for too long. 

To relax, rejuvenate, reflect. 


Bright here, Bright Now, that is what I want to do. :-)


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    1. Niks, one more thing I love about working from home is being able to blog more often. hehe. Bali na ito!