Friday, April 12, 2013

Surfboard Decor

This is our beach apartment in La Union.  I share this space with 6 other surfers...but come long weekends and holidays there are usually more than 6 who stay with us, turning the place into a massive (and sometimes, frenzied) storage place for surfboards, board bags, leashes, and fins.  

if only my car could talk. sigh. 

Marco, Nikki, & Joncy getting ready to wax on, wax off

 Jericho unloading our "toys"

typical holiday weekend in La Union

Surfboards crawling up the stairs
*all images from my Instagram account. Follow me at @nina_santamaria

But in spite of all those boards that are piled on top of one another, we don't mind that they take up so much space or that they are always in our way because at the end of the day (literally), they have given us so much joy.  They are our links to the ocean, varying lumps of epoxy, fiberglass, and wood that allow us to play with the sea.  

Some time ago, I wondered what would become of old, broken, damaged or outgrown surfboards.  Well, you could either donate them to the local surf community or to your favorite groms (short for grommets or beginner-surfers), or maybe use them around the house as.....interior decor! See images I googled up below:

Hang it or prop it up, fits right into any style of room, right? 

This is one of my faves because of the juxtaposition of classical and rugged elements

and this one too...Pollock-style surfboard art at home in a mod-retro setting

this is typical of homes along the coast of the US

water your plants & wash your surfboard at the same time, anyone?

I forgot what soap this was from. Cool board in the corner, though. 

Surfboards go corporate! This last photo was taken at my office/ design studio Grupo Santamaria, where Coast Thru Life had a 1-day pop up store. 

So before you throw away that old, warping, dent-ridden surfboard, or if you see one in surplus shops (usually costs 1,000 pesos in Japan surplus stores) just go back to this post and be inspired.

Happy Weekend!

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