Friday, April 26, 2013

Beach House No.12: The Squish Studio

Called the Squish Studio because of its "squished look", this 30 sqm ultra-sleek (beach)house-on-stilts has captured my imagination for a long time.  I stumbled upon this via several design blogs and could not stop conjuring a story or novel in my head worthy of an Academy Award. Read: modern-day epic love story ala Catherine & Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, but starring Emma Stone & Daniel-Day Lewis. Haha. No questions, please.  

This can be in Batanes, or in Zambales...but this is in Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Designed by Saunders Architects.  Read on for its awesome earth-friendly design details: 

My favorite part of this trapezoidal design is that the tapered exteriors deflect strong winds.  Because of its off-grid location, the entire structure's electricity and small kitchen are powered by solar panels.  There is also a compost toilet and a wood-burning stove to meet daily basic needs.

"Recently designated as a national cultural landscape district, transient artists may immerse within the creative process amidst an isloated setting. The tall entry leads to an internal spatial compression and horizontal work room which directs attention outward, to nearby round head as well as the changing atmospheric conditions and crashing waves of the north atlantic. built-in storage is alternated with slits of windows, offering glimpses of the sunrise to the northeastern horizon."-

I googled, and saw other versions of this house all over the Newfoundland coast.  

For me, the landscape is both terrifying and breathtaking. 
(Hello, have you seen "127 Hours"?!?)

 ok, erase erase erase. 
back to awesome, SAFE, Squish Studios...

Solar-powered electricity. Good job!

 I wouldn't mind having a little studio like this on a coastal property.  
Simple, sustainable, sophisticated. 

 Not bad for 30 square meters.  

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