Monday, April 08, 2013

Go SurPH in La Union

I just came from the 1st National Go SurPH weekend in La Union.  I'd say it was a pretty fun event full of surfing lessons for beginners, a cool concert and jamming session on Saturday night, good weather, good company, plenty of sunshine and quality time with my friends.  Congratulations, Surfing Philippines!  (Check their website out here. Above pics from Stoked, Inc's Facebook page. )

As for me, after a 2-month absence from the local surf scene I was excited to be back to get some sun and sea.  To hang out with my best friends and see another La Union sunset. To play with dogs and babies, and to swim in the ocean.    


Now that I'm back in Manila, I could only think and say,
THANK YOU, it was good to be back.

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