Friday, July 26, 2013

My Week in 10 Photos

T'was a busy but pleasant week for me and Grupo Santamaria.
Sharing with you some snapshots of the past few days, in random order:

we worked on 2 client presentations

always thinking about my trip to Paris in September
can't wait to do these walking tours when I get there

The UP Architectural Students Association of the Philippines 
did a tour of Grupo Santamaria for their "firm-hopping" activity.  
Although I still can't get over how 20-25 people fit in my office, we had FUN! 
To be blogged soon at Grupo Santamaria.

Was visited by these 2 dear friends...bringing heaps of good news with them!

Did some shopping for a returning Client...

...and for me!
(haha! Brought home this new frock from the Zara sale. 
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do)

attended a Production Design talk by Leeroy New

visited a new job site in Alabang
(I can imagine the new house rising---a very good lot, with eucalyptus trees on one side) 

Meet Boulette (French for Meatball). 
I had to dog-sit for my friend Apol from La Pomme, now I don't want to return her anymore.

And the furniture-hunting continues.  

Work goes on, til next week, friends. 

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