Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Frustrations

In spite of my love for the island life,  there are some days of the year when I wish I could dress like it's fall! (yeah, yeah, I'm Pinoy & baduy like that) 

Put on the layered clothing, the camel coat, the soft fleece & the ankle boots...oooooh! It all looks so luscious to my eye...

Aaaaaaaah!!! Those outfits & bags are killing me.

This makes me want to wear high-waist square pants tomorrow to work. Plus the gloves! haha

I could look at this photo for hours. Totally diggin' her style! 
Looooove the gold, rust & camel scheme...and all the overlapping textures.  

(photos from the Refinery, Habitually Chic & Tommy Ton) 

I got this pair of Forever 21 vintage oxfords months ago & I'm proud to say it is the cheapest "fall" fix I've ever had, woohoo! (love the surprise floral lining inside)

Plus my all-time favorite bag so warm chocolate brown...
And to complete the cozy "fall" feeling, I give you 1 of my favorite couches of all time...the Chesterfield! 
Makes you want to curl up all day w/ a cup of hot tea & a good book...

and this is me fixin' up the Louis Vuitton store for "Fall" back in 2009...I couldn't find a REAL Chesterfield sofa anywhere so I used the best-lookin repro I could find.

Oh well, at least my work lets me indulge my fall fantasies sometimes.


  1. you know how i love my camels, tans and browns! :p love this post nins!

    and the photo you said, you can look at for hours? couldn't agree more!! i love the arm candy layering :)

  2. I think I wanna wear hi-waist, square pants to work too...

  3. hahaha kiddo! OK go. I will not hold u back.