Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beach House 6: Casa Almare

On the South side of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, sits an exceptionally crafted 5-bedroom residence overlooking the ocean.  Natural daylight, sturdy, practical materials, and cleverly arranged rooms fill this place up.  I cannot stop imagining this on the slopes of La Union and how this could be one of the best-looking guest houses (or personal residences? hee hee) in the region. 

Prepare to be swept away by this modern masterpiece by Architect Elias Rizo

The interiors do not disappoint as well. 

And as they say, "God is in the details".  AMEN.

See the site elevation below.  

Archt. Rizo, THANK YOU for carving this out of the earth.
This shall be in mind for future sea-side projects!

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