Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Hangover

Weekend is over, it's back to work tomorrow.  Looking back on the past 2 days, I am thankful for the simple rest & recreation.  Slept for an hour under a tree on the beach, plus a full 8 hours Saturday night, plus catnaps in the car and everywhere else (ooooooh yeah the true luxuries of life). 

Surfed for a little bit to get my adrenaline fix,  went to a lovely violin concert at night, toured Anvaya Cove and marveled at how entire, well-planned communities are carved out of mountain and rocks.  Plus watched Melali Sessions in bed with some buddies while sipping milk tea.  

I missed my best surf buds but felt warm with the thought they were somewhere happily gliding on the ocean, surfing their hearts out :-) 

I shall savour the last of the weekend vibes and then I am ready to work.  

How I'd love to look out into a yard like this...
(residence of Olatz Schnabel)

and be munching on this...
(photo by Jennifer Causey)

and just feel like this all over again next weekend.  :-)
Hope your weekend was as chill as mine. 


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