Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Pinks

Valentine's Day came and went and these are some pink & red images to remember the day by:

from VT Interiors
Behati on a pink sofa
Victoria's Secret
stripes & polka dots will always look great in pink
(but then if you look like her you'll look great in anything!)

Chinoiserie from a wallpaper book I was browsing in Singapore

from Vintage Vogue

I don't recall where I got's 1 of my fave images
Jackie O in a pink wool suit

from Nuevo Estilo

by Helen Frankenthaler.
1 of my fave abstract painters of all time.

That's about it...a short roundup of pink & red images for this month.  
Put a li'l love in your heart :-)

remember to love yourself this Valentine's Day and everyday, my friends! 

In a pink Brown Belly bedjacket...a happy day at Zambales, November 2010.
click on this link to vote for your favorite image at Brown Belly's contest:
"What Makes you Happy?"

Au Revoir!

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