Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beach House 7: La Boyita

La Boyita Residence is located in Punta del Este, Uruguay and was designed by Martin Gomes Arquitectos.   Using concrete, iron, glass & wood, it's the near-perfect material combination for seaside residences (well, I would throw in some bamboo in there if it's to be in a local location like...La Union).

Imagine if this structure was divided into 6 studio units with another similar structure nearby, connected by a common kitchen, dining, and living.  A guest house that will encourage interaction & yet give you privacy when you need it.

see all (proposed) "units" above with view of pool

From the architects:  "The project consists of 5 blocks and a main block with a living and dining area with the best views to the sea and towards the swimming pool, completely protected from the wind, as it is placed in the center of the project.  The other blocks contain a service area and other guest room blocks.  This independence was crucial to make his guests get the feeling of being alone in a hotel.  The galleries that surround these concrete blocks end up creating the idea of outdoor living rooms and lead to a fluid transition between the interior and exterior, with fantastic panoramic views."

Like I said, imagine if this space was further divided into 6 equal studio units:

with impossibly high ceilings 
(and since I'm thinking local, maybe use clerestory windows instead of fixed glass)

loving this whole thing going on here-- the bleached wood, odd window, 
Tulip chairs, shell droplight... 

the rattan/ wicker kitchen lights against all that stainless steel & marble!
omygoodness.  Nautical luxury if you could call it that. 

Beach houses come in different styles.  It's not always rustic bamboo & wood, nor Miami-style concrete & glass.  Whatever material you use or however empty it is of furniture or amenities, I've learned it is best enjoyed when shared with friends & family.  Or more specifically, when in front of your favorite surf break.  

Remember the Beach Apartment?  That's totally THE inspiration.  

And of course, the best room at La Boyita for me. 
The one with the chandelier by the sea.

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