Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Buri Resort & Spa

We are OFF to our company outing tomorrow and will be gone til Saturday.  I am so excited to reward my hardworking design staff with 3 days of rest & recreation.

Check out the idyllic & picture-perfect scenes from Buri Resort & Spa:

Of course, company outings with your office staff is waaaaaaaay different from surf trips w/ your buddies so I will have to modify my outfits a bit. No rashies, boys' shirts, and worn out beach cover ups for me! This is a special time w/ the team so I gotta be a bit...dressy. 

For the 3-hour planning session 

for the pool sessions

for the road & boat trip

Aaaand with all that precious time away from the office, what else would I be doing? 
Why, working of course.  It will be the perfect time to work on that website & portfolio.  
Have a lovely week, everyone!

*images from Sashay on Vacay, Coco+Kelley, Buri Resort & Spa websites. 


  1. ganda dito nins!!

    and hello, you look awesome and fashyon kaya even in elyu ;)

  2. Thanks Niks im super missing you right now! Im alone in my villa, wish we were painting our nails or having a latte or something! Btw si Mikko Yap ang architect nito. Ang ganda! I'm sure you and Buji would love it here as well. Walang alon pero panalo ang surroundings & architecture.

  3. Nins! Sabi ko the name sounds familiar... i stayed here na pala before! Company outing too. It is a lovely place! ang taas lang ng stairs!! haha. but the rooms are pretty! enjoy your vacay! :)

    - pat m.