Monday, March 26, 2012

From India to Puerto Galera

I'm trying to write my thoughts a bit randomly from now on because the more I try to organize it so well, the more it gets posted so late.

Allow me to indulge in some random thoughts for Indian beads.

My cousin Miguel just came from India 2 weeks ago & brought me back these colorful, wonderful beads!

along with a hand carved wooden-block horse stamp, 
sandalwood scented money envelopes, keychains, 
& milk candies with edible silver leaf (*gasp*, really they're yummy!) 

With all those vibrant colors, this room I saw from FTRB immediately sprang up to mind.

 The beads also remind me of the colors of the ocean (& my toenails, haha) 
at a particular time of 4pm on an overcast afternoon,

blue starfish

...and you know that these colors / creatures are down there! (unfortunately, I found this crab all dried up on a rock & I brought it back with me to the resort.  Even at death, it's still pretty.  All that honey & amber against that white pebble wash! oh boy).

Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni)'s seaside house in Spain

Finally, I got to wear the Indian beads on the 2nd day of our company trip to Mindoro (blogging about that this week).  

I thought that with its strong colors, it would be hard to pair with anything but surprisingly it went with everything I wore: my fave gold bangles, friendship bracelets...& even my striped black, white, & fuchsia pink Billabong bikini.  

It even went with the boat's rusty anchors, vibrant blue ropes, & pebbles I got from the beach!  (I know, I know, I'm getting carried away...hahaha! Honestly I'm just finding a way to justify my excessive use of Instagram lately.  I can't stop grouping my photos using Dyptic Frames, I'm officially addicted.  I think my habit of associating fashion w/ objects, colors & interiors has found an outlet & a medium to express itself.  Brace yourselves).    

More to come! 

*All photos by me except blue starfish, FTRB photo, & home of Consuelo Castiglioni.  


  1. hi nina!! jo ann here. i am so thrilled to see someone who shares the same appreciation for indian accessories. coincidentally, i have just created a page on fb. it is a shop showcasing unique finds from india. u might like the stoles i have. they are cheaper than the ones from promod, zara and mango which are almost all made in india. hehehe. please do check it out. : ): ) my shop is called H and E. thanks nins!

    1. I'm definitely checking out that fb page. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. il check that out din ASAP! Thanks Joann! so nice to hear from you! :-)