Monday, March 26, 2012

Campana Brothers (Part 2)

There! Finally I meet Umberto & Fernando Campana, 2 furniture, space & product designers I admire very much.  Here we are shown with Ito Kish, a very good friend of mine who invited me to this event--- a Designers' Networking Cocktails at the Diamond Hotel, Manila.  Shown above are 2 of my faves from their creations from the bamboo collection they designed for Alessi, if I'm not mistaken.

I posted about them 2 weeks ago & I am admittedly just a new fan of these two (maybe barely a year following their works), but with each piece of theirs that I "discover" I am invited to see things in a different way.  And it's these inspiring, dedicated designers, both local & international, that keep my creativity stoked.

I particularly like this video which shows why they are exemplary & unique:

Manila has been a bustling, vibrant city for designers & (design-lovers) lately.  I can't wait to post my pics from World Bex & Manila Fame.  I have a long line of posts to upload,  please be patient with me! I'll try to share them ASAP since I want to get to the part about Buri Resort already. :-)


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