Monday, January 16, 2012

Bye Bye Brights

Something tells me these colors aren't going to be so hot anymore...there's all this 90's minimalism coming back in everything I see and the neon & pop colors of late have been looking quite boring already.  Did you guys notice how everything's a bit mono lately? Both in interiors & fashion.

As a farewell (naks, may ganon tlga), I'm posting some of my fave inspiration pics for the bright colors of the past year/ months.  It was great, you guys! You all served me well.

loved the whole 70's vintage vibe to this...the era when Avocado Green was considered elegant.

am just not feeling the Pantone chair anymore.  :-( Gasgas na to the max.  

geo prints were fun for a while, but I now prefer basic Coast Thru Life shirts for everyday / weekend/ beach wear. 

this really looked appealing for a long time and i almost specified this for a project.
Now it just looks tacky to me! Thank goodness I didn't do it.  

well, maybe for a house in Greece or a Casita by the beach in Batangas

from one of those "who wore it better?" blogs

Marky, we were SO last year. Break na tayo! Di na uso tong mga bestida natin.
Manila Surfers' Association
2011 Costume Surf Competition,
La Union

was a retro fan for years but now it's beginning to look like what it REALLY is...dated.

and if I see another sunburst mirror on a wall, I will just...burst.

I'm not saying these are ugly images...I'm just saying I'm not feeling it anymore for these guys.  I'm just honestly following what my gut says and for some reason I've been more drawn to images like these nowadays---  brights are still present but in a subtle, back-seat kind of way:

Mikado Floor Lamp

I remember the National Museum in Singapore
when I visited last 2009.  

Loved all the white mouldings & black trim. You could never go wrong. 

Not particularly liking the pieces here but it's still refresing to look at. In an Alice in Wonderland kinda way.  

There's still color present in the images that's appealing to me lately, but more of subdued, "pastel-ized",  
---and in the words of my teacher in UP before in an effort to describe Scandinavian color palettes---"FRIGID" hues.

Kassia riding into lilac waves

just like this one painting by American Helen Frankenthaler.  
This painting immediately came to mind and I just HAD to put it below Kassia's dusky glide pic.
sofa from Crate & Barrel

pale, pale palettes.
wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury

Dove gray, I love you.

sorry i cant remember where I got this.  But I love everything in this room--- the scroll fabric (w/c ran all the way to the tulip chairs),  white wood panelling, bleached photo frames, and the quietly glam chandelier.
the colors I wore today

even plain wedding cakes are looking sublime to me...w/o all the trimmings it can still look yummy!
 From Potter & Butter.
speaking of weddings, did you know they make "Ghost" Tiffany Chairs now?
Nice to use for the presidential table. 

No, I'm not getting married.  The reason for all these wedding pegs is because I'm designing a bridal lounge right now, and I had to look at A LOT OF WHITE.  I'll show you a sneak peek of what I've done so far for a 35 sqm room:


Coming SOON: NicePrint Bridal Lounge

Sorry that's all I can give for now.
 There is a little semi-surprise element in this room and I will not give it away.
You have to visit when it's done. It will be open to the public soon. 

hanging out w/ Charle at a bright & noisy place in Makati, 2 days ago.
Goodnight, tonight I dream of more white.

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