Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinch vs Baud

"Pinch by Matthias Pliessnig is an interesting piece of furniture that was hand-built by the designer out of wood with a carefully studied attention details. The building technique used in creating this seat is very much like the one used to build boats and the design borrows some lines reminiscent of water vehicles. This organic looking bent-wood seating item measures 58x31x27 and its name emphasizes the interesting design lines on each end of the back-to-back two seater. 
Using steam bent White Oak strips of wood,  Matthias Pliessnig created a spin-off from previous designs, displaying refined details and a dense structure. Compound curves sustain and beautify the overall design. If you’re looking to buy one of these beautiful double seats, you should know that the price for each made to order piece is $16,000, so make sure to find the perfect place for it in a corner of your home."
Chandelier by the Sea says: it's a beauty, but not for freakin' $16,000!!! I always crusade for paying good money for quality furniture, and I always tell clients not to scrimp on these things because of the undeniable durability, polish, and unmatched craftsmanship the makers have to offer.  But $16,000 for a chair should be considered...crazy! 

Beautiful & sexy.  Exceptional physics & grace going on here, don't you think?

But I'd take the Philippines' very own Vito Selma furniture anytime, anyday. 

Bamboo, wood, you've never seen them worked & bent & twisted before.  These pieces below were instantly legendary (sorry, I refuse to use the word "iconic"-- I'm so sick of it!) the minute they were out the factory.  This was created by Vito years ago but I still like looking at them today.  

Baud Collection

Geo Collection 

Baud Collection

Ari Collection

His website greets you with this:

"Simplicity is by itself the most complex design. In a time when clutter has become comfortable, a visual noise to hide behind, the bold venture beyond to cleaner, starker strokes..."

Agree, agree. agree.  Which reminds me how I was convinced a long time ago (back in my freshman year at college reading Ayn Rand) that the hardest thing to do for any writer, painter, musician, designer, speaker, to simplify things.

The words that are easiest to read are the ones that the writer put great effort & long hours into putting together.  The interior that is most comfortable, beautiful and suitable to the user is the one that the interior designer went to great pains to to think about, edit, and assemble.  The most moving & lasting music is the one that the composer has played over and over again in his head until it was perfected.  The art that speaks to me and imprints itself the most on my mind is the one that is devoid of complication & stripped of hypocrisy or fear, served straight from the heart.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why artists are often seen as "tormented souls"...because it IS quite tormenting to serve anything straight from the heart.

And the best buildings...ahhhh don't get me started.  Let's just say the best buildings for me are the ones which make me feel like architects are sometimes the best minds in the world.  I haven't come across many but believe me, they exist. :-)

Maybe I'm just speaking for myself when I say,  simplicity is not simple.  It is difficult to achieve & maintain. But definitely the most rewarding thing as far as design is concerned.

Vito Selma furniture is available at Ito Kish, N.Garcia St, Reposo, Makati.  

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