Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bed Jacket

According to Wikipedia, the bed jacket is "a woman's garment, is a waist-length robe worn to cover the chest, shoulders and arms while sitting up in bed. Its short length and cape-like cut...often made of sheer or lacy fabrics and displaying very feminine trimmings and details...was often used more for seduction, rather than warmth or modesty. It was popularized in 1930s Hollywood films featuring glamorous settings and glamorous stars lounging languorously in their silken bedrooms. Ostrich feather tips, swan’s down, pleated tulle and shirred lace were just a few examples of the extravagant materials that could be used in creating these confections." 

Well, whatever it is, in short: it's PERFECT as a very chic & unique (truly 1-of-a-kind designs) beach cover-up! Egged on by my friend Nikki who totally rocked her BrownBelly bed jacket during 1 of our dinner dates, I was so excited to finally get my own one last week! I love the lacy "Caravan" and am wearing it to my Mom's birthday dinner tonight. (yes, its wearability extends to Italian restaurants too, you know) *wink*. 

the Seaside

the Skyler

the Caravan
All jackets shown by Brown Belly Get your own & wear it a dozen ways...belted, tied, knotted, or just plain loose & breezy :-)

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