Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lust List January: RAEN Specs & Lace Cookies

I want to start a new routine  Every month, for the images of interiors, food, clothes, or other random stuff that I covet or simply get inspired by, I will post it as a Lust List.  Something to check out when inspiration (or entertainment) runs dry!

Let's start with these for January...

RAEN spectacles just like Kassia's
J.Crew 2012 work clothes

genuine leather camera strap

the Centennial Edition of The Fountainhead

have been wanting to buy rubber boots. This houndstooth Plueys will do!

not sure where this is from, maybe from Missoni? I wanna use it as a surfboard bag

plates & saucers in BLUEPRINT graphics. waaaaaah I covet!!!

"lace" cookies. Standing ovation for the baker who made this please! She must be.....very patient.
Reminds me of Aracelli Dans paintings
segway: This is a painting (yes, it's a PAINTING!) by Aracelli Limcauco Dans. She's one of our national living treasures, an 80-yr-old lady with a "bright, youthful spirit" known for her delicate, masterful paintings of Philippine embroidery.

And onward to soft, white rooms which I never tire of looking at. Good to revisit at the start of the year.


with very subtle dabs of color where you least expect it. Edges of tables, doors, vases.  

I'd say this is the ideal Guest Room

I have a thing nowadays for simple, blank walls in bedrooms. 
With just a table & a painting beside it--that should make sleep very quiet & restful, don't you think? :-)

Interior Designers work with color everyday.
White is like our visual (or should I say mental? hehe) palette-cleanser.

HOW INVITING is that bed?!? For my future beach house, my room will be exactly like this.
Images from Marie Claire Maison magazine, May/June 2011.

The very "Filipino-Boho" home of Hermes Alegre
(click link to see more photos of his lovely home)

I and my friend, painter Karina Baluyut enjoying our stay at Las Casas Filipinas

the rooms at Uma Hotel, Ubud, Bali, where Ito, Rious, and I stayed last September 2008.

my bag, shawl, & all that gloriously soft white sheets!!!
Truly heavenly.
I wanted to stay in bed for  3 days.

Other lovely images of white that I love looking at again & again: 

I want my room to be this simple, this ascetic.
 I've been looking for a bed exactly like this...
and if I find one with caster wheels still on like shown above, I'd be SOOO happy.

 This is my BFF Nikki hanging out in my room.  I try to be neat, believe me, I try.

I only have the white walls to show for & that's it. Everything else is  boards & surf bags (notice how they're all poised & ready for instant surf trips, haha!).  Plus, well...the oil painting I did of Jojo Lastimosa when I was 12 years old. (Man, I can't believe I made Jolas an oil painting!)  

Looks like I have a long way to go to achieve my dream white room.

Well...this is my other favorite white room. Mike & Alma's home at Kapuluan Vista Resort, Ilocos Norte!!! After a whole day of surfing, this is how we roooll (literally). Jing hidden under the stairs, Buji, Nikki, & me, April 2010.  All of us knocked out & in a happy place.  

photo by Dibs from the balcony.  Thanks Dibs for capturing my Walking Dead sleeping pose. 

Morning light? Goodnight. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

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  1. i met aracelli dans back in college!!! :) nakaka starstruck!!!